William Lien, PLA, PTT

A practicing landscape architect/planner with strong research focus — strategic thinking + relational design. William approaches landscape infrastructure and energy planning using participatory design methods.

Mixologist: WA120825254

Landscape Architecture : Registered Landscape Architect, State of Mississippi

Arboriculture : ISA Certified Arborist

Permaculture : Permaculture Design Certificate, Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Teacher Training

4+ years of experience in landscape design & planning field, specialising in integrated resource planning, alternative future method, and participatory design

6+ years of non-governmental services in urban forestry and landscape stewardship strategy planning and visioning

15+ clients across a wide spectrum of industry sectors such as Cities, State’s DOT, community gardens, private residential owners and NGOs.

3 languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English.